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Innovation Investments project

Innovation Investments is a modern project, that combines services for three major segments - B2B, B2C, C2S with the use of blockchain technology.

Done so far: A preliminary agreement with “NVK “Cogeneration” LLC and the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences represented by the “Science and Energy” Consortium has been concluded for cooperation in the search for investments for the implementation of specific technical projects. We would like to attract special attention to the fact, that our team has been entitled to seek for investment through holding the ICO (total investments amount at USD 200 million):

  • a 10 MW biomass power plant project (USD 8.4 million, a payback period of less than 3 years);
  • a garbage sorting and processing (250,000 tons / year) plant construction project (USD 65 million, payback period < 3 years);
  • a 54 MW solar power plant project (USD 48,6 million, payback period = 5 years);
  • a 25 MW geothermal power plant project with a sanatorium complex (USD 78 million, payback period - up to 3 years).

These are the first pack of ready for implementation projects, and there are other projects as well. These projects are in the stage of readiness for investment, which already indicates the effectiveness of filling the Investment Platform. Action plan:

  • further development of the Investment Platform for creating a new business environment.;
  • increasing the number of new projects and simplifying the inflow of capital and investments from all corners of the world;
  • extension of the range of goods and services that can be purchased for the II.

The project consists of three interrelated directions (businesses) to create and effectively develop a new business environment.

1. Investment Platform
2. Electronic Investment Bank
3. Social and Business Network
4. Additional benefits

1. Investment Platform

A business for projects investing and placement (hereinafter referred to as the Platform). The Platform checks and places projects that require funding. Crowdfunding and crowdinvesting represent the main scheme of fundraising. According to the given scheme, it provides automated collection of investments, companies and startups products prepayment, as well as collecting donations for startup or commercial launch of projects. If we consider the second case in more detail, then in this case the investor becomes the co-owner of the project.

The platform offers services for the implementation of ICO projects for a specific commission from released tokens, the percentage of which will depend on the profitability of the project and the cooperation agreement between the Platform and the owners of the project idea, as well as a commission, which is 10% of the collected investment amount. This service is relevant for both digital and high-tech businesses as well as for real businesses. No overpayment. You only pay for real result.

Investment Platform projects:

2. Electronic Investment Bank

As we create a stable, efficient business environment, we plan to create our own internal currency. An electronic investment bank is the main issuer of internal e-currency. The unit of measurement is 1 Innovation Investment (1 "II"). The main function of the e-bank is to issue the "II" and to provide stable exchange rate. Additional features are:

  • clients assets management, converted to “II”;
  • different types of transfers around the world using personal account.
  • introduction of the “II” as a worldwide payment system - for internal and international transfers of funds.

Legally, we will provide the status of "II" as equivalent to the unit of any resource invested in the Platform in order to assess the contribution of each participant. The cost of 1 "II" can be tied to both a single currency and a group of currencies, allowing exchange transactions based on the current rate. We chose the US dollar as the main currency, which the “II” is tied to. A significant advantage is recognition of the "II" exchange transaction to the fiat money as a return on investment as part of the jurisdiction. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of taxation, which is the advantage of this crypto currency, and increases its cost. The commission for transfers will be minimal, although the main profit will be for transactions with exchange of fiat money and electronic currencies (pre-commission at 0.5%).

3. Social and Business Network

A social-business network will play a leading role in the processes of purchasing and selling various platform and e-bank tokens, which will provide a constant flow of information and ensure faster financing of the Platform's projects. Creating a service for communicating and concluding various contracts that will include social networking and business portals will simplify and speed up the worldwide sales of goods, electronic money equivalents and various financial instruments.

In the first year, all users will receive a VIP status, which eliminates ad serving on side banners and apps, as well as other status privileges. A $ 1 per month fee for the VIP status will be introduced afterwards. An analogue of revenue for obtaining VIP status will be paid advertising from external companies, which will be shown to free users. A complex use of various resources is planned, such as specialized paid third-party developers and platform developers apps for clients and their families (gaming simulators, audio-video materials, online stores, online auctions etc.).

4. Additional benefits

Online customer support

The Innovation Investments online customer support team is ready to deal with any inquiries. All issues and inconveniences are handled by our team of dedicated professionals. Support will be accessible online and some times later via mobile, ensuring the necessary communication channels are on offer when required.

We understand that continuous, high-quality support is the key to success, which is why we prioritise providing the very highest level of client support. Every user spreads the word about their product experience, and we want this word-of-mouth communication to be positive, encouraging more customers to join our community. We will dedicate all the necessary tools, resources and people to make this happen.

Knowing your customer and anti money laundering.

Anonymous and pseudonymous use of Innovation Investments services will not be possible. After the onset of the technical capabilities we can offer to all interested users to authenticate to enhance the security level of their investment.

That said, these measures are not intended to make users’ lives difficult. The goal here is to systematically improve the credibility of cryptocurrencies as fair and legal means of payment. We will use a leading KYC service provider to deliver our users a fast and effective onboarding process. Innovation Investments is entitled to bring top level Know Your Customer standards to its business operations.

What’s also important to note is that the authentication process we will design is intend to avoid the shortcomings of similar processes used by the traditional banking institutions, where long forms need to be filled in and then checked and corrected multiple of times. This authentication service will offer maximum convenience, and the verification of user information should take no longer than 4 hours.

Security and audit

To ensure Innovation Investment’s ability to comply with security requirements, we aim to conduct external security audit no less than once per year. The scope of such audit encompasses the entire Innovation Investments platform. First such audit is scheduled to be held in the end of second quarter of 2018. We will also use independent security audits of a narrower scope throughout our product development lifecycle.

Our security philosophy is based on two main principles - creating a reliable technology platform that has sufficient protection from external threats by design and protection from the human factor through adherence to widely accepted best practices.

5 The Conclusion

Innovation Investments is a project that aims to bring blockchain technology and all its possibilities for improving the life of all users of our project. At present, the growing number of people who wish to integrate blockchane technology into their daily economic transactions still face too many obstacles.

Our solution is simple:

  1. to combine all the essential finance blockchain products and services, and integrate them into a single debit card as well as to create a simple and easy to use software for smartphones and computers, which enable our customers to quickly and easily perform all financial transactions from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.
  2. unify all the possibilities of electronic communication (messenger, chat, social network, blogs, music resources, e-mail, other services) with the capabilities of electronic trading platforms for the sale and purchase of goods and services with the ability to flexibly and easily configure user accounts, including different degrees of openness anonymity).
  3. to give all our users the opportunity to use all the services of the world's most loyal bank to their customers via a simple office and to receive fast and reliable financial services without borders and with minimal commissions.

We will provide our users the whole world on one resource with a simple reliable identification system instead of a dozen passwords of varying complexity. And this world will be as free as the blocking technology will allow, and its capabilities for the next 10 years are limited only by the speed of the Internet and the computing power of computers. We believe that currently the crypto economy remains too isolated from traditional economic structures. This is a major contributing factor to the volatility currently seen in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While we don’t want to pass judgement on the benefits and shortcomings that stem from the frenzy of speculation which currently surrounds the crypto economy, we do believe that cryptocurrencies are bringing incredible opportunities to replace the outdated banking system, and the potential benefits they offer in this way greatly outweigh those offered when cryptocurrencies are treated purely as tools for speculation. We believe that the competent and reasonable use of blocking technologies will increase the users' confidence in it. And we created a project based on real business to increase people's confidence in the technology of blockade, undermined by scammers who speculate on people's trust. Our project initially excludes the speculative component of modern crypto currency and offers a stable and guaranteed payment method for the currencies, and subsequently will provide, in full compliance with the legislation, electronic analogues of securities and financial instruments, also free of speculative component.