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A word from the CEO I trust in truth.

I trust in truth. I trust in honesty. I trust in blockchain technology. I trust that the truth changes the world for better, the truth makes the world simple and correct, it makes the world more understandable and fair, it makes the world ideal. I trust in blockchain technology as a tool of truth and freedom, an instrument of peace and honesty. I trust the technology of blockchain as a technology of true democracy.

Searching for investments for the implementation of the "green" energy and environmental projects (such as sorting and recycling of household waste into electricity and heat, generating electricity from biomass, building solar power plants and other projects), I have read several hundred different articles on the Internet, talked with dozens of people. In the end, I came to the conclusion that the best option would be to conduct the ICO in order to attract a lot of small investments from people to whom the future of our civilization is important and who understand the profitability of investing in similar technology projects.

Then I had the idea to combine all the knowledge that was collected in the head of our team. Thus was born the project called “Innovation Investments”. The project was created for the financing and development of green technologies and all innovations, the implementation of which will benefit all of humanity and bring profit to project’s investors. All three project areas are designed for mutual co-development, which increases the likelihood of future planned profit for the company along with reduced marketing costs and more efficient use of investments. We want to find funding and to work honestly for the benefit of all humanity and our investors, with maintaining the honest tax paying.

Of course, the most honest and simple solution is to offer token-shares for sale, but strict measures for regulating the market of tokens led to the fact that I can offer investors only the payment means of the project in response to their investments. However, I have the right to collect payment system tokens – the “IIT” ( Stellar ) - to create a completely legal company, to issue tokens that will be provided with shares of this company and will, in fact, be their equivalent, and invite investors to get these token-shares for the II. In this way, I ensure compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities of countries and ensure the demand (and confirm the value) and the movement of the primarily placed IIT tokens.

We live in a world where the pace of technological advancement has far exceeded anything witnessed in recorded human history. In 2008, a major milestone was reached in the development of cryptocurrencies – the inception of Bitcoin. Yet this also happened to be the very peak of the global financial crisis of 2007-2009.

Just as the global financial crisis revealed the ugly underbelly of traditional banking, with “too big to fail” written all over it, tech pioneers were bringing into being a new solution - blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies have the power to circumvent, and thus reduce reliance on an age-old financial system whose complacency has not gone unnoticed.

We’re focused on building the most effective business models that are economically viable and sustainable. These are the keys to ensuring the stable and continuous existence of the products and services we depend on in our daily lives. The existing landscape of financial services needs to be challenged because it is simply not good enough. My team and I believe that now is the perfect time for a product that offers everyday consumers a bridge to the economic advantages offered by cryptocurrency, one which is well-developed, convenient, and most importantly simple to use. This product is Innovation Investments.

Vadim Vovk
Innovation Investments, CEO
Vadim Vovk
Innovation Investments, CEO